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PriceGouging is live!

This site is intended to be a place where citizen/consumers can document cases of price gouging during the Coronavirus outbreak. The goal is to document bad behavior and shine a light on people trying to make a buck from those that are suffering and just trying to get by.

There are a few ground rules. First, be reasonable, be kind and seek to compile evidence of price gouging. DO NOT malign, insult or needlessly damage the reputation of others by defaming them on this web site. Instead, document what you see as bad behavior and upload pictures or price lists, web site screen shots etc. to this site. If the organization has posted inflated prices to their web site, you could also use the Internet Archive to take a snapshot of their site as well as documenting it here.

Finally, this is a community resource. Please be respectful of others.


This web site is organized by geography. Right now there is a section for different nations. To document an issue, create a section for your country, your province or state, your city, potentially your neighborhood/suburb. If the company in question is a national chain then create a subcategory under your country with the compiled evidence.

Please also supply a list of contact emails and phone numbers for the appropriate authorities to deal with the problem.